Dutch artist duo Lonneke Gordijn (1980) and Ralph Nauta (1978) founded DRIFT in 2007. With a multidisciplinary team of 64 they work on installations, sculptures and performances. Over the course of more than a decade, DRIFT's immersive and often site-specific projects have been showcased around the world addressing themes such as natural structures, the influence of technology and the modern environment. The artists raise fundamental questions about what life is and explore a positive scenario for the future.

About the project

Little Drifter, 2022

“Little Drifter is a moving sculpture consisting of one floating concrete block. This work poetically represents a basic building unit in a different context, to evoke a reaction to dream the improbable. The 1:1:2 dimensions is often present in the oeuvre of DRIFT as the primary element by which the human built environment is constructed. No surprise that the exact same dimensions are used in the iconic Louis Vuiton trunk.”

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