Raphael Tanghal is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. Taking inspiration from his childhood comic books and cartoons, his detailed and colourful illustrations aim to explore the boundless world of visual storytelling. Since 2013, he has worked with the Louis Vuitton Visual Image Studio to tell stories through window displays, creating eye catching and memorable moments for the public audience.

About the project

"I was inspired by the story of young Louis Vuitton leaving home at the age of 13 and making a two year trek on foot to Paris. The serpentine path created by the body of the snake represents the long twisting path of Monsieur Louis’ journey from Anchay. After this two year journey of inspiration and self-discovery, Monsieur Louis finds himself at his goal Paris - the lock - with new-found knowledge and experience as his key to open it. 1821, the year of Monsieur Louis’ birth, coincides with the Year of the Snake on the Chinese lunar calendar."

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