Katie Paterson (born 1981, Scotland) is known for her conceptual artworks that have involved broadcasting the sounds of a melting glacier live, mapping all the dead stars in the universe, compiling a slide archive of the history of darkness across the ages, custom-making a light bulb to simulate the experience of moonlight, burying a nano-sized grain of sand deep within the Sahara desert, and sending a re-cast meteorite back into space. Throughout her career she has worked closely with scientists at Caltech, University College London, and European Space Agency to develop and form artistic explorations. In 2012, she was Artist in Residence at The Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK, culminating in the artwork ‘Fossil Necklace’ a string of worlds, with each bead representing a major event in the evolution of life through geological time. Katie has exhibited internationally, from London to New York, Berlin to Seoul, and her works have been included in major exhibitions such as Tate Britain, Hayward Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, Guggenheim Museum New York, and The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. She was the winner of the Visual Arts category of the South Bank Awards, and is an honorary fellow of Edinburgh University.

About the project

"This new film work encompasses the colour of the Universe throughout its existence. Working with leading scientists to establish the average colour of each era, the artwork charts a history of starlight, from the primordial era, through the Dark Ages and the appearance of the first stars, to the current Stelliferous Era and into the far future. Beginning with the white flash of the Big Bang, the film moves through the pale blues of the first ever starlight, to the dark maroons at the end of time. Scientists analysed the light from a large volume of the universe in order to determine the average colour of the Universe today as it would be perceived by the human eye – a colour they named ‘Cosmic Latte’, which appears about half way through the film. The artwork can also been seen as a series of coloured squares organised in the signature Louis Vuitton Damier pattern. Each colour depicts a specific moment in time in the history of the Universe."

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