Arrival is reinventing the automotive industry with its entirely new approach to the design and production of electric vehicles. Low capital expenditures, rapidly scalable Microfactories combined with proprietary in-house developed components, materials, and software, enable the production of best in class commercial vehicles competitively priced to fossil fuel variants and with a substantially lower total cost of ownership. This transformative approach provides cities globally with the solutions they need to create sustainable urban environments and exceptional experiences for their citizens.

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"Our contribution to the celebration of Louis Vuitton’s 200th anniversary is creating a Louis Vuitton trunk out of composite material, in part made in an Arrival Microfactory. At Arrival, we make high-performance fabrics and composites, which are super-tough, recyclable and colourable - perfect for valuable and enduring luggage that needs to protect its contents and still look good after travelling around the world. We wanted to contrast between Louis Vuitton’s handmade heritage and our industrial craftsmanship - we teach robots how to pick and place fabric with immaculate precision, efficiency and attention to detail. Each operation is different, and each sequence of events is unique, depending on what is being made in the Microfactory. Robofacturing enables a completely fresh approach to production, unlike anything we've seen before."

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