Since 1984, Wayne Stubbs has been working with flowers to create unexpected and evocative experiences that transport and elevate the viewer. For Stubbs, each flower has its own narrative of strengths, charms and frailties. He combines this with other flowers, materials and objects so that they resonate together to create a decoration that is more than the sum of its parts. Scents, colours, textures and emotions are all a vital part of any experience he creates. His innovative approach and artistry has long been sought out to create floral decorations, sculptures and events. Recently, he has begun painting to explore the different aspects and meanings of flowers.

About the project

"The copper crown at the centre of this piece is handmade, crafted to represent the landmark of 200 years of Louis Vuitton. The crown imperial flower adorns it, surrounded with delicate roses, longiflorum, gloriosa and fritillaria lilies that spring from it to reach out and grab the viewer. The infrastructure of the box not only protects the delicate crown, but its mirrors reflect and present all of its angles. Surrounding it all is an original artwork that aims to highlight the way in which Louis Vuitton has inspired and nurtured artisans, and honoured the glory of their craft over the last two centuries. A crowning achievement."

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