Ruba Abu-Nimah is a New York-based creative. Her long legacy spans across beauty, fashion, art and photography. Abu-Nimah made headlines as the first female creative director at Elle Magazine and has worked for global beauty brands such as Shiseido, Pat McGrath and Bobbi Brown. She is currently executive creative director at Tiffany & Co. Her commitment to social justice and advocacy is ingrained in all that she does, as seen on her widely-lauded Instagram feed and her work with venture ‘New York Tougher Than Ever’, which she co-founded in 2020.

Will Schluter is a film and commercial director. His campaigns with Ruba Abu-Nimah for brands including Tiffany & Co, Revlon and Shiseido have appeared on international television as well as digital and physical institutions such as Hypebeast and the Apollo Theater. Schluter began his career as a creative producer for the late filmmaker and web designer Hillman Curtis, with whom he helped pioneer digital advertising in the 2000s. His final project with Curtis was the feature-length concert documentary ‘Ride, Rise, Roar’ starring David Byrne, which premiered at SXSW and was released worldwide.

About the project

“For this piece I wanted to work with Will, someone I’ve collaborated with for over 15 years and with whom I have an innate creative understanding. We were inspired by the city we both live in and love and the idea of a trunk that travels and sees the world — one that is in constant flux and movement.
Tyshawn Jones is one of the most celebrated skateboarders of his generation and the first New Yorker to win Thrasher’s Skateboarder of the Year. Megan Lecrone is a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet. They both come from seemingly different worlds but when brought together their juxtaposition creates something beautiful: a bit surreal and also perfectly logical."

Behind the scenes

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