Cheng Ran (b. 1981, Inner Mongolia, China) lives and works in Hangzhou, China. As a representative of China’s new generation of video and cross-media artists, Cheng Ran has been trying different artistic forms including film, poetry, drama, novel, installation and more. Because of his vibrant, sometimes detached and often experimental spirit, he is especially good at changing the sense of space, structure and one’s perception towards the original object by undefined use of materials. The switch between texts and visual language created by the artist, allows the audience to float between the reality and the imagination, presenting the poetics of nihilism. His works in general reflect on the existential state of the Chinese young generation under the impact of political and cultural globalisation. Beyond the issue of 'identity', Cheng Ran's works are more about discovering new values from diverse cultures brought by globalisation. They reflect his deep thoughts on universal themes including boundaries and distinctions, to confrontation and marginalisation. Cheng Ran’s recent solo exhibitions include New Museum, New York; Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing; Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv; MAC, Belfast; K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong, etc. He participated in the artist residence program at Rijksakademie in the Netherlands from 2013 to 2014, and founded the independent art space for young artists, Martin Goya Business, in 2017.

About the project

House of dream

"History is always linked with history, memory is always linked with memory, story is always linked with story, we are trying to imagine and speculate the world through links. A trunk is a space, a building, a cat house, a hidden place, a house of dream. If time becomes non-linear one day, the world is interlaced and in parallel, am I able to invite Louis to visit a dream? The house of dream exists - Martin Goya Business - it is a world-changing cat house for young creators."

3D painting scripture with LED Light
Art Direction: Cheng Ran
Creative Group: Martin Goya Business
3D Model Designer: Li Bohua
Original Space Designer: Li WenQiang&PIG Design

360 view

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