Yogi Cameron has embodied every role in his professional life - from Super Model to Yogi. As a world renowned model, Yogi walked the runways for top design houses and appeared as the face of major brands. After twelve years working in the heights of fashion and beauty, he embraced a journey of inner discovery, beginning with a decade of immersion and study of Ayurvedic medicine and spiritual science in India. He is now a teacher practitioner, bringing his deep knowledge of Ayurveda to guide others into healing and the discovery of their own balance of inner and outer beauty. He is the founder of 108 health & beauty, an Ayurvedic herbal formulation company using the science of Liposomal technology.

About the project

"The concept design was born out of the juxtaposed position of my past in fashion and beauty meeting my present world of spirituality and health. Fashion and its creators, and visionaries like Louis Vuitton represent open, creative and a ‘no limit’ mentality which translates into a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. This energy in Yogic philosophy is referred to as Shiva Shakti. The perfect union and balance of male-female energy which exists in every being, man or woman. This energy represents consciousness and creation coming together to form a unified force which is not dualistic or separate. Fashion and spirituality seem to be different on the surface but are actually connected and the same at a deep conscious level.”

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