Born from the idea that across history, the most skilled poets could encapsulate a life-story on the back of a cocktail napkin, bringing creation stories - sparks of brilliance - to life, The Napkin Poetry Review celebrates poets and their ability to translate imaginations into narratives we can experience. As co-founders Anna Seidel and Caroline King learned more about poetry’s power and the science behind it, they became inspired to form an initiative to engage global-minded readers and writers, seeking to promote poetry as a tool for mental, physical, and social wellbeing. The Napkin Poetry is now a platform that offers consulting and artistic collaboration surrounding poetry and its science as well as how to break down barriers between academic disciplines.

About the project

"Ideas are our jewels - precious vessels and trunks holding our thoughts and imaginations built from layers of experience, memories and a wealth of knowledge. For our trunk contribution, we want to portray kaleidoscopes of knowledge, ideas, craftsmanship and human experience that survived throughout centuries as retainers of untold stories. Here, unique ideas, the sparks of brilliance, come into dialogue with the histories and paths of polymathic writers, entrepreneurial poets, and contrarian thinkers to explore the value of cognitive diversity, to elaborate on the meaning of cross-disciplinary and cultural approaches to knowledge. Each message encapsulates what it means to be a 'digital renaissance poet' and 21st century polymath. Our trunk is covered in short poems written by international poets on Louis Vuitton's Damier-inspired square postcards; it asks what it means to build on past ideas in order to re-think the future. We hope to take viewers on a journey throughout time and inspire their curiosity to re-discover past passions, explore new connections across disciplines, and build invaluable foundations for the future with a polymathic outlook on connections between science and the arts."

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