Zhang Ding (b. 1980, Gansu Province, China) is considered one of the most active and influential Chinese artists in the international art scene. For more than a decade, Zhang Ding is known for creating large-scale sculptures, installations and videos, and also for periodically curating live events that are musical and performative in nature, collaborating with artists from all fields. His large-scale installations are totalised and integrated; the meticulous structures combining the artist’s favourite motifs and formal elements assimilate various components together into an architectonic entity. From a New Brutalist gesture that locks down a museum space in Shanghai, turning it into a prison; to a conceptual and physical staircase between different project spaces in downtown Beijing; to a series of impromptu gigs over a period of fortnight at the ICA London, inviting bands and musicians to improvise one next to another, compressing and distorting sounds, images and spaces, Zhang Ding presents and deals with live processes and experiences in a thorough and novel fashion. The artist is based in Shanghai.

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"Our life is filled with cameras from different angles. We live in front of camera lenses. We are all actors. The reality is a huge film studio."

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