Alexandra Kehayoglou is an Argentine and Greek visual artist. Her repertoire of tapestries and carpets includes memories of various native and endangered landscapes that the artist has documented and desires to preserve over time. Her work is created from an ancient family tradition that gives new meaning to the craft of textiles. Kehayoglou portfolio includes major collaborations with Dries Van Noten; and works exploring the Raggio Creek in Buenos Aires (‘No Longer Creek’ presented at Design Miami/Basel and the damming of the Santa Cruz River in Patagonia ( ‘Santa Cruz River’ presented at The National Gallery of Victoria, Australia).

About the project

Size: 160 x 200 cm
“Inspired by 10,000 year-old cave art found in Patagonia, this ‘prayer rug’ offers a journey to the time when nomadic tribes printed the palms of their hands and produced the earliest art known. My version of a trunk is a carpet. Nomad tribes used textiles and carpets to travel through territories, developing their life in a cyclic way. Carpets that were homes, shelters and places to pray.”

360 view

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