Gentry Stein is a two time world yo-yo champion. What started as a hobby at eight years old, gradually became a passion-driven career. Stein sees the yo-yo as a tool to help people of all ages explore their own creativity and connect with others. Since winning his first World Yo-Yo Championship in the Czech Republic in 2014, he has traveled around the world to over 20 different countries, sharing his passion through teaching and demonstrating the form.

About the project

"The yo-yo is believed to be the second oldest toy in the world, with its first historical record dating back to 500 B.C. For thousands of years, yo-yos have served the purpose of bringing joy to people. A simple toy that when matched with a creative mind, can fulfil this purpose to both the player and the observers. Over the years, developments in the mechanics and aesthetics of the yo-yo have broadened the scope of how the joy is delivered. What was once just a spinning disc on a string is now a beautiful piece of art that can be used as a tool for infinite creativity. In my collaboration with the Louis 200 project, I wanted to touch on all aspects of how a yo-yo can serve its purpose and bring joy. First, by creating a luxurious yo-yo that can be enjoyed on its own, then by showcasing its unlimited creative possibilities through playing with it."

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