Gokcen Yuksek was born in Turkey, raised in Chester, UK and currently lives in London, UK. As a 3D sculptor/modeler over the last 10 years, she started oil painting in 2019, finding it a nice contrast and complement to digital design. Her work is manifested in different industries such as animation, production (Black Mirror, Compare the Meerkat), games (Sports Interactive), AR (Microsoft HoloLens), VR (Melody VR), 3D printing and Window design (LVMH). Yukcek started painting to explore different ways to express ideas, thoughts or stories and is currently inspired by the pop surreal style. She enjoys creating new designs with a mixture of mediums and love to experience them come to life in different forms.

About the project

"The box has a dual message, one to celebrate Louis and his creativity and the other the world, its beauty and what we need to take care of, through the theme of Alice in Wonderland - which was created around the same time as the LV trunk. In a reality where we can only live in a linear timeline, extinct animals like the dodo cannot be brought back to life and so is forever locked in a black and white print. It is to say that the world is still full of life, and we should take care of what we still can. Through the theme of Alice and the 'eat me' cookie allowing her to grow out of the box, it shows that we grow as an individual and as humanity - also as Louis growing out of its initial trunk. Plants grow out of the zipped openings, animals extinct and present, ocean life and people bringing colour into a grey concrete background. Inside the openings the images are black and white - like an old photo. Life is a playground and should be fun and creative while considering everything that is important to us. If we learn to love and connect with nature, then we can connect with ourselves and create a thriving environment. In Lewis Carrol’s words, ‘Life is but a dream’."

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