Fenn O’Meally is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist and resident at BBC1Xtra. With authenticity at the core of her work, she combines genuine storytelling with the worlds of social justice, creative culture and fashion. She has directed films for some of the world’s leading brands including; Apple, Paul Smith, Nike, Chanel and Prada among many others, and music videos for some of London’s most exciting new artists. Her work is fueled by her curiosity, love of music and photography and furthered by her personable nature and desire to share honest anecdotes of life. In addition to being selected for the class of Young Guns 18 and winning a YDA for her music video 'Us in Major' for JNR Williams, O'Meally was most recently named the Ad Age Creativity Awards 2021 Director to Watch. She is fast emerging as a standout talent, bringing a fresh and original voice to the world of film and advertising.

About the project

"I wanted to question the practice of creating and how the human mind attaches ideas, rules, regulations and outside influences to creativity as it develops from its infancy. I wanted to illustrate how essential immersive play is to the integrity of creating and how we have so much to learn from the minds of children and their beautiful way of simply 'making things' out of curiosity and an internal desire to play, rather than a need to craft for reward and swayed by outside influences. It’s really what connected me to this project so much in the first place, how do we truly innovate like the great Louis Vuitton did? How do we create something so timeless? Working with Femi on this was a dream because we’d always wanted to work together on something special and I have so much respect for the way his mind ticks and his unconditional love for just simply playing. It’s how we first met and definitely how we bonded through a mutual attachment to integrity and play in our worlds. I was also really lucky to come across baby Noah and his mother Emmy in the park two weeks before the shoot - I had to stop and ask them to be a part of my little world. This piece is about reminding you to connect with that inner child, explore, be curious, mess up and of course remember to PLAY."

Director: Fenn O’Meally @fenn_omeally
Production Company: SMUGGLER @smugglersite
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Doonan @elizabethdoonan
Producer: Cora Rodriguez @corarodriguezl
Production Manager: Luca Chapman @_lucachapman
1st AD: Steven Eniraiyetan @Steven_imp
DOP: Jeremy Valender @jeremyvalender
Sound Recordist: Matt Greig @apollogreig
Production Designer: Max Randall @max randall
Wardrobe Stylist: Leah Abbott @leahabbott_
Make-Up Stylist: Porsche Poon @porschepoon
Hair Stylist: Tafarir Wright @barbertafro_cuts_wright
Editor: Toby Heard @tobyheard
Grade: Richard Fearon @richardfearon at Black Kite Studios @blackkitestudios
Composer: James William Blades
Graphics: Eddie Mandell @eddiemandell
VFX: Black Kite Studios @blackkitestudios
Cast: Femi Koleoso @femiondrums
Cast: Noah Arthur

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