Recycle Group was founded by Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov in 2008. Together, they discover a complex relationship between man and machine, the paradoxical nature of the future and explore the concept of “virtual immortality”. Recycle Group's works incorporate tangible materials and new digital media such as augmented reality and algorithms. Bridging the past and a digitalised future, the works reflect realms from which emerges our own relationship to existence.

About the project

"We realised that the key geographical point of missed physical objects and all Data that has no particular geolocation and is a Null island. We may say it’s a Middle of nowhere, place with coordinates 0°N 0°E. This is an imaginary island located at the intersection of the prime meridian and the equator, in the Gulf of Guinea, south of the Atlantic Ocean. Although the island does not physically exist, it is often visited by geocoders: invalid addresses entered into phones or GPS are automatically replaced with this set of null coordinates, meaning that Null Island receives thousands of virtual visitors each day. The rectangular object in the ocean simultaneously reflects physical and digital environment by distorting its shape with digital waves. It will be possible also to see it through Recycle Group's augmented reality app if someone is near. We decided to use this place in the ocean as an exhibition space for some projects to show augmented reality works, a place which is very far for anyone but still exist for visit."

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