Adam&Arthur is the partnership between Australian industrial designer Adam Goodrum and French marquetry artisan Arthur Seigneur. Focused on the creation of collectable objects celebrating the kaleidoscopic visual effects of straw marquetry, Adam&Arthur pieces are always unique with every detail fully bespoke, representing a synthesis of design innovation and traditional craftsmanship. Their process-driven practice explores the limitless possibilities of form, colour and pattern and seeks to conceive work that elicits curiosity, wonder and joy.

About the project

In honour of the spirit of innovation at the heart of the story of Louis Vuitton’s journey from young carpenter to ingenious “packer” of fashion, we offer "'Cocotte en Paille” or “Chatterbox in straw”. In keeping with the game Chatterbox, our vertical trunk turns inside out to reveal secret drawers that can be reconfigured in an array of patterns. This exploration of playfulness, invention, and craftsmanship finds expression in our reimagining of the container and of how the user interacts with it. It seeks to continue the evolution of the traditional trunk pioneered by Louis Vuitton in his lifetime…and left to inspire us.

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