Mr. Flower Fantastic “MFF” started as a street artist, extending his design ethos across sculptural works, public installations, experiential designs, and fashion collaborations. Flowers are his medium and he describes his work as soulful and disruptive. The man behind the mask gained prominence after recreating the Serena Williams x Virgil Abloh “QUEEN” Air Max 97 for the 2018 US Open. The popularity behind this creation established MFF, allowing him to produce works for Jordan Brand, Nike, Complex, and the NBA, which showcase his penchant for creating community-oriented experiences. These compositions caught the eye of millions on Instagram, including high-profile clients like Michael Jordan, Alicia Keys, Spike Lee, Justin Bieber and Travis Scott. The floral artist remains anonymous in order to put a spotlight on his work rather than his character. A spirit of gratitude and giving more than one takes from the earth is reflected in initiatives such as 'the Seeds The City Needs' - a program dedicated to planting trees and flowers in lower-income communities and providing access to quality foods and resources. MFF sits at the intersection of fine art, street culture and global commerce, allowing his message of peace and beauty to travel far and wide. He wants everyone to see how a rose can grow in the most unlikely of places, from the bodega to their own backyard. It is this ethos that allows MFF to keep the heart of street art alive, one seed at a time.

About the project

Legacy Garden

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Two hundred years after Louis Vuitton was born, the brand he built from scratch is still one of the most iconic in the world. This legacy was not produced by accident, but through generations of commitment to the idea that truly great design must account for beauty and utility in equal measure. This means considering not only how to make a piece function better, but also how to make it a work of art. In honour of this legacy, I created a one-of-a-kind floral sculpture that attempts to capture a glimpse into what the brand has come to mean for today’s younger generation. 'Legacy Garden' juxtaposes floral opulence with a subtle grate, gesturing toward the often complicated but always beautiful experience of finding beauty through struggle."

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