Feng Li is a photographer who lives and works in Chengdu, Sichuan. Using his unique observations and strong personal style, he has been shooting unusual images of everyday life since 2005. In 2018, he won the Jimei x Arles Discovery Award and in the same year, participated in the Arles International Photography Festival in France. His series 'White Nights' has been widely noticed and became sought after by domestic and foreign art institutions and art collectors. It has also been featured in important art media. Since he has become increasingly active in the field of international fashion photography.

About the project

An Endless Journey

"In 2008, I visited the parrot garden in Leeds castle in the UK. There were several big parrots with blue and yellow feathers. They stood quietly on the branches and looked at me like elves. The next summer, an identical parrot stood outside my bedroom window and stared at me in the same quiet way. I couldn't believe my eyes and thought it was just an illusion in the virtual world. Until the moment when the parrot stood in my hand, the wish that I had made a year ago in the parrot garden far away in a foreign land, intentionally or not, came true! What a wonderful moment, no matter where it came from is bound to be a magical journey, through time and space to my side. In the following ten years, the parrot became a member of my family, as my son. Every day when I came home, it would happily call me Daddy, even though I had never taught it to say anything... Parrots should live a long time. If life is a journey then we could have gone far together. Unfortunately, he left me two months ago because of illness. Strictly speaking, this is not a piece of work, but my love for a journey."

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