Mark Ward is the managing director of Asylum in London. For over 30 years, he has observed and absorbed, worked and sometimes disagreed with some of the most creative minds in advertising, film and design. He works with a talented team that provides energy, inspiration and a thirst for new knowledge, to deliver work for a demanding client base. Striving to find a work/play balance, this year's agenda after an interesting and possibly life changing few years, is to enjoy home in Clapham, learn to cook some new vegan recipes for his wife Lee and stay fit and healthy. If fitting in some work of quality and integrity can also be achieved, all the better.

About the project

"To celebrate what would've been Monsieur Louis' 200th birthday, I wanted to reflect on his life and the current state of the world. Inside the hypercube construction, Louis’ trunk is reflected to infinity. This is to represent the continuous production of this iconic piece of luggage and also to comment on the limitless freedom we experience through travel. The message ’To Travel in Luxury’ embodies his ethos for the pieces he created. 'The Luxury to Travel' contemplates how the pandemic has impeded this freedom."

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