The collective BURP are Kris De Smedt and Erik Vernieuwe, partners in life and in art. Their medium is mainly but not limited to photography. Always searching for beauty in the banal they create their own concepts and imagery layered with positive emotions evoked by any material that crosses their path. Be it food, flowers, ceramics or fabrics just to name a few they build and photograph sets that make you wonder what is beneath the surface. Nothing is off limits when it comes to their visual approach, but they always leave the interpretation up to the viewer to emphasise the personal approach of the work. Based in Antwerp, Belgium.

About the project

Have a Souper Birthday Louis.

"There are many layers to this piece. We started by creating a mini set to reflect the original box and built Louis using vegetables and herbs, these are also the ingredients for Potage Louis, a soup recipe made specifically for this work. The set was photographed from all sides and the detailed images transferred to a light cotton fabric which was then hand stitched as a canvas all around the wooden box. You might smile, you might wonder but it won’t leave you without an opinion and that is what BURP stands for. A delicious gift for a souper birthday."

360 view

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