Mimosa Echard (b. 1986, Alès, France) is an artist whose practice is inspired by the creation of hybrid eco-systems where the living and the non-living, the human and the non-human coexist. Her works explore areas of contact and contamination between the organic objects and consumer items - elements that can be perceived as ambivalent or even contradictory through our cultural conventions. At the core of her compositions and installations, medicinal plants collected in her garden or from the inhabitants of her native village create a symbiosis with the cosmetic products or electronic components; copper foils and metal chains bind to cherry pits, lichen and snail shells. Echard lives and works in Paris.

About the project

"A bunch of cherry pits swells over foam; a bundle of synthetic white pearls coils between purple lace underwear and metal chain; plastic jewelry here, snail shells there. Salomon (2020), Mimosa Echard’s […] recent series, is a cornucopia of refuse. Mounted in Plexiglas boxes […] these works appear like bowels that pullulate with cheap junk opulence. They encapsulate, quite literally, the French artist’s obsession with the stuff of the everyday, reworking the mundane leftovers of our lives into viscous compositions that mischievously allude to the spills and stains of Abstract Expressionism, although Echard’s works dribble past boundaries of medium as well". - Charles Aubin

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