Be Good Studios was launched in Los Angeles in 2017. The studio drives the industry forward with brave, emotion-driven work that blurs the line between art and advertising. With boundless vision and deeply strategic approach, the team has led some of the industry's most celebrated campaigns - from the era-defining #MyCalvins to mould-breaking creative partnerships with Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton. The studio work includes advertising campaigns, exhibition curation, book and magazine art direction, brand identity, packaging design, website design, window display and installation.

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"This is Los Angeles. The car is king of the city - a city of freeways, dreams and freedom. When I was young, my father wanted to move our family from a small rural town in the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, California. He had a job opportunity to work as a stage technician in one of the big film studios. After his interview, he returned with Super 8 footage he shot, and that weekend we sat in our living room in awe. We saw the Hollywood sign, giant boulevards, neon lights, Disneyland, Venice Beach. But what I really remember were cars. Not ordinary cars, but cars of chrome and metallic candy paint, cars that bounced and hopped. Dropped to the ground as low as they could go. This was America for me - and I wanted so much to live there. My mother, so conservative in her outlook, wished for us to stay in England, so it took me 22 more years before I finally made it to America, where I now reside with my family. Los Angeles is a cultural melting pot. There’s nowhere else that has given me opportunities to work and collaborate with such a broad and culturally-diverse people. For our trunk, Be Good Studios pays homage to Luis Vuitton's spirit of invention and travel. To the communities that make our city. To car culture and the childhood dreams in us all. The Lowrider Trunk by Be Good Studios, in collaboration with Carlos Gomez, Tony Hernandez, Rene Rivera, Fabian Gomez and Oscar Mendoza."

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