Cao Yuxi (James) is an artist and coder based in Shenzhen and New York City who defines himself as an idealist trying to redeem his pledge under the social pragmatism pressure. He creates and collaborates on projects across the spectrum of sound-visualization, real-time graphic programming and computing and all other type of digital media-based art. His innovative approach to creating art and incorporating technology has enabled Cao to generate numerous art projects including immersive spaces, new media art installations and public arts in both China, Europe and the U.S. His works has been exhibited or performed in multiple festivals, galleries, museums and public sites across the world: Mapping Festival 2014, ISEA 2015, BAM 2015 Festival, LEV 2016 Festival , Atonal 2016 Festival, Mutek Montreal 2020, ADE 2020 Festival, ARTECHOUSE, Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing UCCA Lab, MOMA PS1, OCAT ShenZhen, OCAT Chengdu, Beijing MinSheng Museum, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Shenzhen City Skyline Buildings Public Lighting show.

About the project

"As an artist, I am deeply and constantly inspired and obsessed by the classic square tile Damier and Louis Vuitton monogram. But also fascinated with the variation over the colour in pattern and each element's graphic from the pattern: the Circle, the Diamond and the Cross. Since all those elements are also very fundamental, I re-used them to create the generative art in the past, feeling a historical link between himself and Louis Vuitton. So for this, I pitched three questions: What if the shapes of elements can dynamically morph between each other? What if the pattern can evolve? What does the pattern looks like for the LV vessel in the future? In order to answer this, I created this artwork 'Gradual Pattern'."

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