Refik Anadol (b. 1985, Istanbul, Turkey) is a media artist, director, and pioneer in the aesthetics of machine intelligence. His body of work locates creativity at the intersection of humans and machines. In taking the data that flows around us as his primary material and the neural network of a computerised mind as his collaborator, Anadol paints with a thinking brush, offering us radical visualizations of our digitised memories and expanding the possibilities of architecture, narrative and the body in motion. Anadol’s site-specific parametric data sculptures, live audio/visual performances, and immersive installations take many forms, while encouraging us to rethink our engagement with the physical world, its temporal and spatial dimensions, and the creative potential of machines.

About the project

"Following a distinctive interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of machine intelligence, data analysis, and computational design, we created 'Data Fabric' – an exploration of light both as information and a unique source of artistic inspiration. Based on computational fluid dynamics data, 'Data Fabric' is a dynamic speculation of the future of ever changing fashion industry. The piece draws its conceptual framework and title from a recently coined architectural pattern that connects disparate sources across vast data landscapes, generating an optical reference to integrating folds and layers that represent the merging strands of tradition and innovation in iconic Louis Vuitton designs."

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