Uusi is a design studio with a love of traditional craftsmanship, material exploration, and a search for the essential beauty in everyday objects. Under the creative direction of the founders, Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits, the studio looks to bring authenticity and a sense of playfulness to the work they produce for their company and their clients. Their passion takes them from limited edition and one-off studio work to multiple production pieces. The studio's members draw on a wide range of talents, including fine art, illustration, graphic and interior design, photography and woodworking. Along with private clients,companies the studio has worked with include Herman Miller, Design Within Reach, Haworth, Taschen Books, Abrams Books, and DraftFCB. Uusi was established in the fall of 2010 based on the idea that life is worth the meaningful effort and its reward is one of discovery.

About the project

Le Fou

"When creating the design for the Louis 200 project, we began by addressing the longevity of the Louis Vuitton brand. We decided to construct our trunk using one of our studio's signature materials – reclaimed, old-growth redwood – to symbolise the admirable endurance of Louis Vuitton's creative spirit. Strength and lightness abound in this living material and are the foundational elements of a successful, creative life. On the outside of this box, we découpaged original, screen-printed artwork representing one of the primary characters of the tarot, "The Fool," or as he would be called in a Marseilles tarot, "Le Fou." The Fool embodies the joy of adventure, and his wild, playful spirit is one of unbound potential and beginnings. We completed our box with a lid so we could use the redwood as a 'discovered' element, hidden from the outside and observable only by personal curiosity. This box now has an inside that holds a sense of promise, mystery, and darkness – treasured elements of creation and the future."

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