Peter Marino is the principal of Peter Marino Architect, a New York–based architecture firm founded in 1978. Widely credited with redefining modern luxury through equal emphasis on architecture and interior design, his work includes award-winning residential, retail, cultural, and hospitality projects worldwide. Marino is well known for integrating art within his architectural designs, commissioning over 300 site-specific works and placing many more. Having collaborated with Louis Vuitton for more than twenty years, Marino has designed flagships worldwide including on Place Vendome, Paris, New Bond Street in London, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and numerous others: New York City, Rome, Seoul, Hong Kong, Sydney and more recently, Ginza, Tokyo.

About the project

"I set out to create a trunk that even Harry Houdini could not get out of. In 1912, Houdini performed his underwater trunk escape. Houdini was shackled, chained, trussed and nailed into the trunk. It only took Houdini 2 ½ minutes to free himself and surface from the trunk. Houdini later performed this trick several times, many of which took him less than a minute to free himself. Houdini was able to perform his stunt by shifting a panel over, opening up the trunk enough to escape. We designed the trunk with tight fitting leather straps in order to avoid any chance of shifting panels over to allow for the stunt escape. The challenge now is open to any aspiring Houdini to escape this 'Houdini Trunk'."

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