Maxwell N. Burnstein is a self-taught, Toronto-based artist whose handmade, fine artworks fuse digital collage art with traditional analog techniques. By applying creative direction with techniques such as sourcing photography and using an X-acto knife to cut paper by hand, the artist has been successful in creating surrealist art that references fashion, beauty and nature along with social, historical and cultural issues. Burnstein’s ability to transform deconstructed photographs into multi-dimensional artworks has allowed him to take up international artist residencies as well as develop collaborations with publications and brands which include: Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s BAZAAR, Gucci, Fendi, Oscar de la Renta and Emporio Armani.

About the project

“As an artist who places great significance on environmentalism and how the detrimental effects of climate change is a marker of what the future holds, I sought to create an artwork that visually encapsulates the melting ice caps, glaciers and rising sea levels. Through using landscape and oceanic photography from The Arctic, my artwork is a snapshot of the changing environment and is meant to provoke awareness as well signal change amongst audiences in an effort to preserve the beauty of nature.”

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