Krista Kim is a Toronto-based contemporary artist and founder of the Techism movement (2014), whose work explores the concept of the digital consciousness. Her interest in digital technology and its revolutionary effects on human perception, media, social structures, and communication had led her to work in both digital and physical realms. Having developed her signature language of shifting gradients using digital software since 2012, her works on glass and plexi hypnotise its viewers into a trance of tranquility while her video works provide meditative experiences of colour and light. Most recently in 2020, during the Coronavirus lockdown, Kim continued to explore the creative potential to utilise screens as digital instruments of well-being by creating 'Mars House': a completely virtual environment using her digital zen philosophy as the first 'Metaverse home' for sale as an NFT in history in March, 2021.

About the project

"The gradient transcends boundaries, transmuting colours into a spectrum that reveals unexpected beauty - gradient beauty is the spirit of fluid, digital, decentralised culture. Our future is the Metaverse. The gradient represents hope, freedom, innovation, co-creation and co-existence. Multiple colours exist as one, just as we are diverse human beings on the Metaverse. We are progressively more fluid in race, nationality, sexuality, politics, religion, spirituality… we are a gradient. The Metaverse will become our new parallel reality. We will have frictionless transition between virtual, augmented reality, and reality - this is quantum life. This artwork embodies these futurist concepts and visionary embodiment of Louis Vuitton."

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