Justin Morin is a French artist based in Paris. His sculptures are light, disembodied, fresh, and beautifully abstracted. The form of expression used in his polished steel bars, silky colour gradients and kinetic sculptures are reminiscent of New York minimalism, the Californian Light and Space movement and Op art. In his draped sculptures - his signature artwork - the silk panels are printed chromatic transcriptions of the subjects referenced, often with a off-the-wall humour, in their titles. Morin is also the editor-in-chief of Revue, a bi-annual printed publication dedicated to arts and fashion.

About the project

"For Louis' birthday, I created an optical composition playing with the Damier canvas. This pulsing vision is the playground of a joyful character, a personification of the visionaries ideas of Mr Louis Vuitton. This egg-shaped creature states 'To travel is to dream and to dream is to travel'."

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