With a grandfather and a mother painter, Amande Haeghen grew up in an artistic and creative world. She took up ceramics like jumping off a cliff. She told herself that no experience was useless and that all these drawings needed to take shape and life. Her hands were finally in their element and the gestures became sure and precise very quickly. She instinctively starts working with wall installations made of a multitude of scales and slices, which behave like a second skin covering the walls. These then very quickly comes down from the wall to take place in the heart of the living space through sculptures, lights and furniture using materials such as stoneware, brass, glass, porcelain, marble... Haeghen shapes materials with her hands to make them into unique pieces and give them a life. She expresses a manual, living art, full of patience and delicacy. Haeghen opened her studio in 2018 in the north of Montmartre and she will open her new studio in the heart of Lisbon this fall, combining a ceramics workshop open to the public, a creation studio and an artists' residency. A real place for sharing, transmission and creation. Where artists will be free to create without any constraints.

About the project

"200 years remind us that against time, no one can do anything. Times change, but certain things are immutable and run through the years with a strange robustness. The realisation of this passing time, sedimentation, a process in which particles of any matter gradually stop moving and come together in layers. These layers that are created, year after year, to form a universal memory, that of the earth and our imprint. So many thicknesses, like the pages of a book telling us the story, our story. I am used to comparing life to a card game, and to consider each encounter as a card that is added to our game, with the hope of ending our adventure having been able to collect as many cards as possible. It is in this spirit of accumulating experiences and exchanges that I deeply believe in exploring this idea of sedimentation of memory and mimesis of being and respond to this creative invitation. By creating my own accumulation, layers each bearing in turn the imprint of the previous one, by mixing materials such as earth, glass, metal, plaster, trunk’s pieces of wood. Giving birth to a structure reminiscent of that of the trunk and crystallising this notion of time and imprint on the past but also on the future."

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