Woodkid is a singer and film director. He released two albums; 'The Golden Age' in 2013 sold nearly one million copies worldwide and 'S16' in 2020. He was nominated for three GRAMMY Awards. Woodkid also collaborated with some of pop culture’s shining lights, From Lana Del Rey to Drake, Rihanna and Pharrell. He is a frequent collaborator of Nicolas Ghesquière, composing and producing the music for his Louis Vuitton show for more than four years.

About the project

"The piece, called Daylight, plays with the chromatic transformations of lights and shadows on the Louis Vuitton Trunk. The artwork is a celebration of time and travel, an exploration of the hot and cold vibrant tones of dawn and sunset. The digital form of the artwork is an illusion of time and light, a never-ending rotation of the sun, turning the screens into a CGI volumetric version of the trunk, only revealed by warm sunlight and the blue tones of cast shadows."

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