This spring, Qualeasha Wood will complete her MFA in Photography at Michigan’s Cranbrook Academy of Fine Art, and holds a BFA in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work spans sculptural, textile, and digital media and suggests realities around living in the black female body that do and might exist. Wood utilises a range of traditional craft and contemporary digital materials to create intricate dialogues across time, and present novel perspectives on the relationship between the avatar and the self.

About the project

"My point of understanding always starts and ends with the recognition, whether by myself or by an audience, that I am indeed a queer African American black woman. It is from this entry point that I view the world, considering my position, my agency or usually lack thereof, my needs and wants, my desires, my limits, my comfort and discomfort, etc. It is under this lens that I embrace my role as a young hot ebony on the internet, and ask not only myself, but my audience to content with our relationships of consumption, worship, autonomy and aesthetics as it relates to historical and modern contextualisation of black femininity and sexuality. ... Through mediums such as tufting, jacquard weaving, printmaking and new media , my work poses questions regarding the “What If…”. [...] Reinterpreting power dynamics comes through dismantling hierarchy, [...] It is from this stance that I challenge complacency with the world's constant oppression of marginalised identities in order to spark a new wave of thinking and action."

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