Heralded as an Augmented Reality (AR) pioneer shaping the next wave of computing, Dr. Helen Papagiannis’s groundbreaking contributions date back to 2005. Her artwork, prototypes, and thought leadership over the past 15-plus years form the foundation for many of today’s AR experiences and lexicon. She is the author of the best-selling book 'Augmented Human: How Technology Is Shaping The New Reality'. Dr. Papagiannis is an invited member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Augmented and Virtual Reality where she develops new insights and innovative ideas to inform decision-makers around the world. Her work has been featured across billboards in Times Square (New York), at TEDx (Dubai and Toronto), and in publications such as WIRED, The New York Times, and AdWeek.

About the project

"The Louis 200 Augmented Reality (AR) artwork is a celebration of the magic of creation. The trunk is re-envisioned as a window into the creative process, a vessel for imagination and innovation. For Monsieur Louis Vuitton’s 200 birthday, I present an abundant future garden blooming with possibilities and pulsing with life. The seeds of creativity and inspiration for this new world are seen through the glass vessel, revealing a network of ideas and hopes, the roots for creation. AR is a means to make the invisible now visible; this ethereal dreamscape enters our physical reality as a metaphor for creativity and the human imagination."

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