Through his pictures and short films, Julien Drach aims to shed a new light on the hidden, sometimes invisible part of reality. His work invites us to cross the fine line between imagery and the imaginary; his very personal compositions like ephemeral, instantaneous paintings. Through mysterious images, Drach finds his own sense of aesthetics and brings details from the everyday to life. He resets the wide poetical power of his pictures, blending the boundaries between cinema, painting and photography. Drach contributes to editorial magazines. His work was exhibited in Paris mois de la photo (2014) and he was recently commissioned by Bouygues for a solo show and an accompanying book.

About the project

“This series was created in Rome during an artistic residency at the Villa Medici in the fall of 2018. It’s a photographic work in black and white film printed on Japanese paper. My aim was to shed light on the obscure, sometimes invisible part of reality. To rediscover the poetical power of the subjects. There is a fine line between imagery and the imaginary, and the work, I hope, is an invitation to cross that line.”

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