Robert Moy transforms ordinary balloons into sculptures through impeccable craftsmanship; an eccentric fusion of contrasting materials; and a whole new way of imagining the balloon, which challenges its typical manifestation as an ephemeral, lightweight entity, while still retaining those essential balloon qualities. “The balloon as art has possibilities that have never been tapped, regarding scale and shape, abstraction, and just using them in ways they’ve never been used before,” says Moy who discovered balloon twisting by accident, while at a company party, and started practicing by watching videos on Youtube. Now ten year later, after parlaying this hobby into a successful business, which reaches into the art world, he seeks to take the balloon higher and farther than it has ever gone before.

About the project

"The vessel-shaped sculpture is made from 122 inflated latex balloons dripped in 14 coats of epoxy; then sanded and polished to a high gloss; and finally brush painted. It’s a labour intensive process, with each piece taking nearly a month to complete. The transformation from kitschy object into solid mass serves to exaggerate the balloon’s varied, interwoven layers of irony and escapism, qualities that are central to my artwork. The work is finally painted with Louis Vuitton logos and various balloon imagery to mimic party celebrations, in the case the 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton."

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