Bompas & Parr is globally recognised as the leading expert in multi-sensory experience design; as 'architects of taste'. Sam Bompas and Harry Parr first came to prominence over a decade ago through their expertise in jelly-making developing since then into a multi-disciplinary studio which consists of a team of creatives, designers, cooks, specialised technicians, producers and filmmakers creating compelling experiences, campaigns, publications and content primarily through a food and drink medium.

About the project

"Inspired by the iconic Louis Vuitton checkerboard motif, we created a birthday jelly using the ultimate jelly technique. The checker’d jelly was prolific during 1821, the year of Louis’ birth, and remains a treasured dessert to this day with expert jelly aficionados. Perfected by 18th century innovator Elizabeth Raffold, who supplied these jellies for ‘cold entertainment’, the checkerboard jelly was also an experimental art of 'the father of «high art» French cooking' Marie-Antoine Carême."

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