Liberatum is a multidisciplinary cultural diplomacy platform created by Calcutta born Pablo Ganguli at the age of seventeen, whilst on a life changing personal journey in Papua New Guinea. Liberatum connects the world’s finest minds, leading cultural figures, visionaries, pioneers and acclaimed creative leaders of our time through an inspiring global movement with the aim to inspire and empower communities around the world. Liberatum creates and presents compelling and original cultural programmes and captivating content, and compelling creative collaborations with leading voices worldwide to create a better future full of diversity, equal rights, freedom of expression, tolerance, understanding and acceptance.

About the project

"Against the backdrop of a shimmering pink universe full of sparkling stars and luminescent planets, the artwork symbolises a galaxy full of dreams, profound life changing journeys and past experiences to expand human consciousness. Bodies of all shapes and ethnicities suspended in the air, flying into the universe in a magnificent sculptural form and gravity defying dance. It is a poignant representation of the uniqueness of the human interconnection and how deeply we influence and affect each other in our journeys. The tree of human life."

A Liberatum original artwork for Louis 200 created by Pablo Ganguli with photographer Kevin Oux, artist Myra Fiori, creative producer Lucas Vilas, art director Guilherme Sizá and creative director Tomas Auksas.

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