Aaron Kudi's work is focused around social dynamics communicated through the fine arts. He observes the anthropomorphisation of the natural world, using it as a visceral lens for exploring the human condition and crafting metaphors for human existence and experience. Kudi's work questions the stasis of social dynamics, class structures and race, asking viewers to examine their place within an ever-shifting ecosystem in society. He aims to communicate visual ideas by transforming familiar objects through a process of selection and juxtaposition to challenge our perceptions of ourselves, others and the environment. Ultimately the aim of my work is to help his audience understand the symbiosis between our perception of the everyday object and our psychological perception of social classes and racial structures.

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"The piece of work titled 'Progress, 2021' looks at celebrating innovation and progress, which was the spirit of Mr. Vuitton - but not in design or product but within another space. Within social dynamics and culture, Louis was an innovator in where he positioned his first store, to the innovation and progress that distinguished his trunks from other mediocre ones. Louis Vuitton since has progressed by having a black artistic director today, in an industry of which there has not been many (only one other, Mr Ozwald Boateng) - who is trusted to carry forward the vision of the house in a new, dynamic and progressive manner. For me, this is a progressive step worth celebrating, as there are not many black people within the industry. But to add, there are not many black creative or artistic directors in the fashion industry working for the top luxury houses. So as we celebrate 200 years of great innovation and progress, let us continue to do this not just with the products and design, but as the House has shown - let us continue to do this in our society, our workplaces, and our sectors. Making for a more diverse, inclusive, and progressive fashion industry - and creative sector that speaks to all, and hears all."

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