Entangled Others is the shared studio practice of artists Feileacan McCormick and Sofia Crespo. Their work focuses upon ecology, nature, and generative arts, with an emphasis on giving the more-than-human new forms a presence and life in digital space. This involves exploring questions of relationship, biodiversity, and awareness through biology-inspired technologies. In turn, they highlight how through conscious efforts, new technology can be used to bring attention and awareness to the unseen that we are tightly interwoven with.

About the project

"'Expressions of the medusae' poses the question: What do we recognise as the ‘essence’ of the jellyfish? Often our understanding of the world is based upon this distillation of features and qualities, lending our perception an underlying dream-like nature, one where these ‘essences’ jostle, overlap and compete to find resonance in what we see around us. When this occurs, the loop is completed and we exist in a self-reinforcing cycle of perception and distillation, one that can both change and strengthen a worldview. Using deep learning algorithms we can externalise this process, allowing us to explore our interaction with the natural world also in the realm of the digital and speculative, blurring the lines between artificial life and nature."

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