Since its creation in 1932, LEGO® has enchanted the young and the old. The children use their imagination to make sense of the world, and the LEGO® bricks provide that opportunity to discover the world through their eyes. The LEGO® group is on a mission to awaken creative souls, inspire and develop the skills of builders of tomorrow. In keeping with this vision, the LEGO® brand continues to innovate across the varied and colourful universe to create a play experience that is synonymous with fulfilment and imagination.

About the project

"The birthday cake for Monsieur Louis Vuitton's 200th birthday, made in LEGO® bricks, was borne out of a collaboration between our French atelier and seven children. It was designed in Milly-La-Forêt close to Paris, France, in July 2021, over 50 hours with 31,700 bricks. It measures 80cm tall and 50cm wide. Thanks to the children's imaginations, the birthday cake was completely redesigned and customised with LEGO® DOTS, immersing us into the colourful, creative and playful world of children! When he was only sixteen years old, Monsieur Louis took the decision to change his life, by becoming a trunk maker and offering this creative service to the world. This unique artwork celebrates the creativity of the youngest minds, since it is them who construct the world tomorrow."

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