Headed by Alice and Gavin Munro, Full Grown is developing techniques to shape trees directly into elegant artworks and solid structures. They harvest, season and finish the pieces at their open-air atelier in the Peak District, UK. Aiming towards the restorative, carbon negative and uniquely beautiful, these art pieces reimagine what could have happened instead of the agricultural revolution. Full Grown bypasses the need for resource intensive processing - their chair orchard provides habitat for wildlife, suggesting a future in which our objects can be produced by collaborating with nature, not despite it. With vast support and collaboration over the years with the global and local communities around the Munros, they are building on the knowledge of our predecessors who so often remind us that despite our many accomplishments, humankind owes its entire existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact it rains.

About the project

"We envisage two futures - one has a party celebrating 1,000 years of peace, and our mission is to start growing beautiful pieces for this party. We were deeply impressed with the tenacity we learned of Louis Vuitton himself, walking to Paris to seek his future and later rebuilding his business from scratch, not to mention the skills and fine craftsmanship leading to the beautiful art objects his name embodies. We’re also huge fans of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, and love her version of Alice in Wonderland. Hearing that she was involved in an iconic Louis Vuitton window display awakened the thought that the Mad Tea Party would be a great way to express our vision. The trunk provided a centrepiece for Alice’s great-grandmother’s tea set, between our two showpiece grown chairs, completing the reference to the legacies of our forebears and weaving the past together with a brighter possible future."

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