Susan Miller is an internationally known author, columnist, publisher, entrepreneur, and pioneer of the Internet. Susan is the respected founder of Astrology Zone®, which she debuted in December 1995. Her site is considered an authority in the field of Western astrology and is read avidly by 11 million unique readers a year. She is the author of 12 books on astrology and currently writes monthly columns for five international fashion magazines: Vogue Japan, W Korea, Claudia Brazil, Amica Italy, and Vogue China. Miller also writes and self-publishes her fashionable annual Year Ahead Astrological Calendar where she explains all the key aspects and features of the year, and it serves as a blueprint for readers to plan their biggest initiations. Miller resides in her native New York City in Manhattan and has two daughters, Christiane and Diana, who she says give her a steady supply of fun and inspiration.

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"Mr. Vuitton, born August 4, 1821, at 3:00 AM in Lavans-Sur-Valous, had a brilliant chart which showed enormous creativity (planets and natal Sun in Leo), a quest for excellence in quality and detail (Venus in Virgo). The chart also revealed a kind and philanthropic nature (Pisces on his mid-heaven). Saturn was opposed to Mr. Vuitton’s natal moon, so he left home early to find his purpose in life. He did it with the confidence that he would be able to support himself and those who worked for him (His natal Sun in the second house.) He was a born entrepreneur with great discipline to transform his vision into reality (Jupiter, planet of good fortune conjunct taskmaster planet Saturn in the natal tenth house of fame and honors in self-starter Aries.) Powerhouse Pluto was in that prestigious career house too, in Pisces, as the most highly elevated planet—an elevated planet colors and entire chart - this shows a man driven to succeed and to eventually become powerful.

He certainly did his homework. The young Louis Vuitton learned every stage of the product’s development of his vision, and I feel that Venus in Virgo gave him that need for perfection. He worked in carpentry and learned how to build trunks, learned about the qualities of leather in a leather factory, and later learned how to properly fold elegant and expensive designer ball gowns into to fit inside his trunks. The business started by Mr. Vuitton developing a revolutionary flat top trunk. Having learned all the steps in the creation of his trunks, he could supervise and encourage others who worked for him. (Leos make great managers and teachers.) In his day, trunks always had cured tops to allow rain to run off the top of the trunk. That meant the trunks could not be stacked, a big disadvantage. Mr. Vuitton innovated the flat trunk by creating waterproof leather, which would be keeping his lady clientele’s expensive designer gowns safe and dry. This innovation gave Mr. Vuitton a big competitive edge (Jupiter and Saturn in Aries.)"

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